Vexan ICE and Celsius Basic Ice Fishing Rod Tackle Bag Review Transcript

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0:00 What’s up everybody? Todd Welch here from The Back Country Trail and today we’re gonna review a couple ice fishing rod bags one from Celsius one from Vexan so Stay tuned!

0:14 So I don’t know about you but I love ice fishing and one thing that i really want to do this year is to get into the backcountry and hit those lakes in the middle of nowhere where we either have to hike in or take a snowmobile to it and I don’t want to be carrying around my five gallon pale so i’m trying to find a nice ice fishing rod bag that I can use this winter.

0:36 I purchased these two off of Amazon the Celsius was going for twenty bucks and the Vexan ice was going for fifty dollars so lets go ahead and take a look at them and see which one we should go with.

0:53 Now if you are interested in any of these bags at anytime I have the links down below those are affiliate links.  While you are down there go ahead and click that subscribe button and click that little bell right next to it so that you get alerted for more videos just like this one from the back country trail.

0:21 So let’s go ahead and start with the celsius bag like I said this is a twenty dollar bag on Amazon it says that they are 30 inches long so lets go ahead and just measure that right away and I am just laying flat like this its about 32 ½ if we open up this like if we have rods and stuff in there it’s going to be a little bit smaller than its gonna be down to about 31 I say not really 30 a little bigger than 30 but probably best to have 30 inch fishing rods in there so they are not going all the way to the end so it’s probably where they are coming up with that.

2:03 Now the first thing that I noticed on this bag is if you take a look at the zippers very flimsy zipper very small and i just feel like holding on that like that sucker is gonna break right off there pretty easy so I don’t really like that I dont think thats gonna hold up very long but other than that if you open this up you got one pouch on the top here unzips about 2 thirds of the way down only one zipper on there and inside there it’s one bag pouch as you can see there, nothing fancy in there no straps or anything like that so in there you’re probably gonna put maybe some of your tip ups and your gonna have to put your tackle and stuff in there as well what I don’t like about this is that it’s just a one bag pouch so my tackle is just gonna be kinda be sliding around in there so you gotta have to be careful with that.

3:16 I probably, I don’t know if I want to put my tackle in here with the ice rod because it could slide around it will be banging on the reel and stuff like that so that wouldn’t be good. So that is the inner pouch there, I mean that is the outer pouch and let me have the inner pouch here which again they kinda small zipper is on there and it only opens up halfway which I don’t like that only opening half way its gonna make a little difficult but you can see in there another big pouch it does have this nice straps in here which is good if we pull on that to see i meant those are stitched in there good they are not coming out there at all they are gonna hold your rods in there quite nicely they are just one big one so your rods are gonna be sliding back and forth your probably only gonna fit two rods in here at most. There is another velcro strap towards the back down here as well to hold your rods in place so that probably where yout two rods are gonna go maybe you can fit another tip up on top of your rod but your gonna be want to be careful about that so again your not banging around and hitting anything.

4:55 Nothing on the back side here no additional pouches, it does come with this carrying strap which its got the mount points one on each side here if we pull on that that does feel pretty good these clips are made of plastic so it’s hard to say how its gonna hold up in the cold but probably will be okay then again here another one you can hear that look at that i just ripped that right off just by pulling it a little bit so definitely not the best there. Not good at all but if i didn’t rip that which is i am able to do with this with the strap is just throw it over your shoulder and then you can carry it for all of your stuff so it kinda lays nice against your back there probably pretty comfortable even with a good amount of wake in it but its only got a single swing so your gonna have to wear it over one shoulder like that. So that is pretty much it with the celsius rod bag 20 bucks that’s where it gets ya that ripped out really easy I didn’t even have to pull on that very hard so that’s not good at all but 20 bucks if your just looking for something cheap not bad at all you can go with that. It’s gonna work just dont pull on the strap too hard.

6:35 Let’s get the weight here real quick before we move on to the Vexan. The weight of this guy is going to be 1 pound 4.2 ounces so pretty so pretty light bag overall. One thing I didn’t mention it does have some padding on the back side here but it does not have any padding inside here nothing at all that protects your rods there just on the back here.

7:09 Alright, now onto the Vexan ice rod so immediately the first thing i noticed is this thing is a lot heavier than the Celsius so lets weigh that right away the celsius was 1 pound 4.2 ounces the Vexan is coming in about 3 pounds 6 ounces so more than double the weight. This rod bag was about 50 dollars when i bought it the price fluctuates between about 40 and 50 bucks so hopefully were going to get a lot more mark for our money, lets go ahead and take a look.The width of this guy is coming in at just over 36 inches about 36 ½ and on the Amazon website it said 36 ½ so this one is exactly accurate as to what it says on there.

8:07 Now on the front here the first thing that I am noticing is these zippers are much bigger you can see them there a lot larger than the celsius and also what I am noticing is take a look at the teeth on each one of these bags as well as you could see the size of the teeth on the Vexan compared to the Celsius are a lot bigger which means it should hold up better I would think.

8:46 Alright so we got this single pouch on the front, these zippers open all the way around and that lays all the way open its got some padding in here maybe like an eight of an inch, not a whole lot but it’s got some there and no strap or anything in here so this will be a good place to maybe put a couple tip ups in here maybe you could fit 3 in here it will be a little bit tight and they might be banging around into each other but not bad it would be kinda nice if there was a couple straps maybe some Velcro straps in here to hold your tip ups in place but we don’t have that here.

9:34 Alright then we’ve got on the other side, two smaller pouches one small one medium and these two pouches here looks like they open all the way up as well just like the other side again some soft foam inside here maybe an 8th or a quarter of an inch and just your pouches so this would probably be a good place for your tackle or throw your grubs or whatever your fishing with want to have that all with you so that is pretty nice there the extra pouches and then we got a mesh pouch here as well just to throw some stuff in there also it doest close or anything so you want to be careful what you throw in there your not gonna lose it. But yea so three pouches on this one compared to the single pouch on the celsius.

10:37 Now the width of this pouch for your tip ups on the Vexan is about 26 inches so that as big of a tip up you will be able to use in there. The Celsius one is a little bit larger coming in at about 27 and a quarter inches so you will be able to store a little larger tip up. Maybe we’re gonna be able to store this super large one that I have, I don’t think. Yea, neither of them are gonna fit in there this would actually have to go inside the large bag. It wouldn’t fit. It will be pretty tight inside the Celsius bag in the main compartment either. But your normal size, they both gonna fit in there perfectly.

11:33 The smaller pouches, the small one is about 11 inches and the larger one is about 15 ½ inches on the inside here we got two pouches on the inside lets open that up and so whats I immediately noticed on this one is it has 1-2-3-4-5, 10 Velcro straps in here for mount points for your fishing rod so their gonna hold them in a much better place and their individual on each one so this has separate one so their gonna hold your rods in place which is nice. This dont look the strongest so let me try pulling on that, well it’s not ripping out let me try just one side, try the other side, well it’s ripping a little bit there but not much and you’re probably not going to be doing that *laugh* ripping it out it like that so pretty good stitching even though they dont look the best but they are holding in place. So that is good, your rods are not gonna go anywhere.

12:51 Now it’s got a little thicker padding here, maybe not about the same maybe an 8th of an inch or a quarter of an inch there as well. Here I am noticing though so this is probably why it says semi soft case it feels like there is some plastic just really thin piece of plastic that goes the line here and some more foam on the back side of that. So you can fit 2 rods in here really nicely but then it’s got this additional pouch here where looks like you could fit a couple more you got a lost thread there a couple more fishing rods here as well there is some more padding there looks like there not any padding on the very ends so you’re gonna want to make sure your rod isn’t going off into those ends. So the actual padding in here for the rods was about 32 and a half inches there. The padding here of course as i said so 4 rods is what your gonna fit in this one comfortably to carry. Probably 4 rods 2 tip ups and then you would be good.

14:20 Alright and then it also comes with these carry straps so let me close this up. So this one comes with 2 carry straps it’s got the mount point here which is good thats not coming out again this is plastic so we’ll see how they hold up in the cold. It will be preferable if this were some kind of metal ideally. Same thing on this side, mount points and so with this one you could either throw it over your shoulder like that just like the Celcius or you can wear it like a backpack. Make sure you got it the right way here and throw one over one arm one over the other and now you can track across the ice kind of like you wearing a backpack with all your stuff. I can feel the points here kind of digging into my shoulder a little bit with no weight on let me pull down, yea you can definitely feel that digging into your shoulder blade. Let me try flipping it over on the other direction see if we got the same thing.

15:49 Yea again same thing here kinda digs into your shoulder blades a little bit so that could be a little bit uncomfortable but nice that you can wear it as a backpack. It will be really nice if these were like padded straps kind of like a hiking backpack. I might have to make my own bag here if I can’t find a nice one but yea these were like if these made more of a hiking backpack that would be nice with padded straps here for hiking around the lake and stuff like that.

16:22 Let’s see on the bottom here we got some straps here i’m not sure we got two there and then 2 over here with one long one i’m not sure what that would be for okay so that is it on the Vexan Ice rod bag this is definitely the one right now that leads the way for me if you are just looking for something cheap this Celsius bag will get the job done for 20 bucks but if you are looking for something a little nicer, I like this Vexan bag it definitely it feels solid and it’s gonna provide good protection lots of storage for all you tackles and things like that again there is links down below to check this out on Amazon and if you ahead and click right here to subscribe in the chanel I will really appreciate it and then go ahead and check out these other videos that I think you’ll like here as well. Other than that this is Todd Welch with the BackCountry Trail signing off. Tight lines everybody!

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