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Best Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod Review, Built For Camping, Backpackers, Hikers & Travel Transcript

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What’s up everybody. Todd Welch here from the BackCountry Trail and High Altitude Brands and today I’m going to show you our new BackCountry Telescopic fishing rod. Now we built this fishing rod with the help of people just like you and I who love to get out there and fish, anywhere, anytime and want to have everything ready to go in a small light package but a heavy duty strong rod.

So let’s go ahead and dive in and show you our new High Altitude Brands telescopic fishing rod.

Now you are going to be able to order this either the rod only which is going to come in a nice pouch just like this or you can order it with the rod and the backpacking case. And you can also pair the backpacking case with an Abu Garcia fishing reel. Now the fishing rod, I’ll show you some of the cool things about this. Number one here, it comes with this nice plastic cover which helps protect the eyelets on your fishing rod. Now this just comes and straps right off of there. You can see this is the six foot version. The package as it comes right here is about 17 inches long, it shrinks down to. This also come in a five and a half foot rod, which is going to be a little bit smaller than this one and also a six and a half foot version which is going to be a little bit larger than this, not much but just a little bit. This is going to expand out, we’ve got one, two , three, four and five blanks that expand out on the there.

Now we specifically went with the five blanks on this. You are going to see some telescopic fishing rods out there that are going to have more blanks which allows them to shrink down to an even smaller package. But we specifically went with five blanks because the weakest point on any fishing rod is the joints. So the more joints you have, the more weak points you have, which is why we went with five. Because it’s the perfect balance of strength combined with lightness and small size. So that’s why we went with five blanks.

Now these blanks are made out of carbon, 24 ton carbon which provides high strength but also flexibility and allows you to really feel the fish. We’ve got a medium heavy action on this. But I fished, small trout under 12 inches with this guy and you can really feel the fish and really feel them fight. It’s a lot of fun using this rod. Perfect balance of strength, sensitivity, and lightweight there. And if I shrink this back up, another really cool feature that we added on here is the hook keeper. Now, to date, this is the only telescopic fishing rod that I have seen with a hook keeper. So if you don’t have this hook keeper, you’re done fishing, then you are going to have to hook your hook on your reel or somewhere down here or just let it swing all over the place. But with this cool hook keeper, you’re going to able just hook your hook there, walk to your next spot, not have to worry about your hook flying around getting hooked on trees or whatever the case may be. When you get to the next spot, just unhook it and you’re ready to go.

The reel blank on here or the reel mount is made out of aluminum so it’s really strong. Other telescopic fishing rods are going to be made out of, some of them are going to be made out of plastic. Plastic, of course, is not going to be as durable and as strong as the aluminum is here. So we specifically went with aluminum so it’s strong and durable and it’s going to hold up to years of abuse for you.

Once you have the fishing reel on there. Let’s go ahead and put this reel that I have on. Just going to go in, it’s only going to go in one way. We’ve got these two binding nuts on here so the first one screws up and tighten that one on and then the second one binds behind it. So now, it’s a lot harder to undo this and this reel is not going to come off of there. So we’ve got the binding nuts on there which really helps to keep the rod, or the reel, secured in place and not coming off of there for you.

The other nice thing with this is we’ve got the small butt end. A lot of other telescopic fishing rods with only five blanks are going to have a butt end that’s about this long or maybe even longer. We had them shrink this up as small as possible. It can’t really get any smaller so that this is not in your way but there is still plenty of room for this to shrink down to the nice small package that it comes in.

Got the nice padded grip down at the bottom here if you are fighting a big fish, this comes in really handy for the padding when you are pushing against your stomach or your hip, whatever you are doing to haul in a big fish. And then on the back end here, we’ve got this that comes unscrewed and that allows you … I don’t know if you can see that in there to extend it out … but that allows you to easily clean this guy. So let’s say you get this dirty, you get some dirt down inside here, you just flush that with some water and you can get that dirt right out of there. So really easy maintenance with that hatch that unscrews on the back there.

So that is the BackCountry Telescopic Fishing Rod. Really nice, like I said, I’ve caught some nice trout and some smaller trout with this. Works really good. I think you’re going to love it.

So let’s go ahead and check out the backpacking case that you can get this with. Now this, we built with backpacking in mind for the person who wants to go backpacking to the high altitude lake or the river and creek in the middle of nowhere. You just want to strap this to your backpack and take it with you. First thing that you are going to see, hard case. This is hard all the way around. Down here where the reel goes, it is hard half way around and then this has padded foam up in the top here where your reel is going to go. It’s lined with this nylon material inside here to protect your rod and that’s the other cool thing about this case. A lot of hard cases, they don’t have a spot for the reel to go so you’re going to have to take your reel off. But with this one, you just put it in there, get the reel in the right position here and zipper right up and you are good to go. Throw it on your shoulder, it’s got this nice shoulder strap with adjustable mount here so you can make this smaller if you want, smaller or bigger, shrink it up. Whatever size you need. You can throw it on your shoulder, take it with you to your next spot. Or, like I said, you can strap this to your backpack.

So what we did, we added a bunch of mount points cause most likely you are not going to want to throw this inside your bag and take up room. You are going to want to strap it to the outside of your backpack. So we have one mount point here, a second mount point here, we’ve got a third mount point here, a fourth mount point on this side, a fifth mount point right here and then a sixth mount point right here. So six mount points to allow you to mount this to your backpack so that it’s not going anywhere. You can be sure that’s its staying on your backpack and you are not going to lose your fishing rod.

And then what about your fishing tackle. Of course, you are going to want to take fishing tackle with you. We added this pouch here. You can throw your little tackle box in there with all your lures and hooks, sinkers, things like that. It’s got an extra little pouch in there to slide maybe some rubber worms or something like that. And this straps right on the case but in addition, even if I unstrap it, you see that’s not coming off of there because we added some Velcro to the backside. And the reason we did that, is so that when you are hiking, this is not rotating around your bag. It’s going to stay right in it’s spot right here where it is supposed to be and stay right there. Then last but not least, a nice little hook here, so if all else fails, that’s not going to come off no matter what. Or you could use that and hook it on somewhere else on your backpack if you’d prefer and you’ve got all your tackle with you right there. So that is the case.

Now for weights, let’s go ahead and get some weights on this. So for the fishing rod only, this is coming in at 6 oz. So only 6 oz for the fishing rod. The case is coming in at 11.5 ounces and the rod and the case are coming in at 1 pound, 1.5 ounces. So you are really not bringing any weight. This is super light. Even if we add in the reel. Let’s throw the reel on here. The reel is heavier than all of it. Now you are at 1 pound, 8.6 ounces. So super light package, you’ve got everything you need to head out fishing, backpacking, whatever the case may be, you are ready to go fishing in the middle of nowhere.

So that is it. That is the High Altitude Brands Backcountry Telescopic Fishing Rod. It’s going to be released at the end of October, 2018. If it’s after that, down below we are going to have a link to Amazon. You can check that out and buy this bad boy, I think you are going to love it. It’s perfect for anyone who likes to fish in the back country and want to have everything ready to go. So make sure you get yours and if you haven’t already, subscribe down below and then click that little bell to get alerted to more awesome video reviews just like this one and we also film videos fishing in the backcountry and just a lot of cool videos and things like that. So subscribe, click the little bell to get notifications.

Other than that, this is Todd Welch with the Backcountry Trail and High Altitude Brands signing off. Tight lines, everybody.


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