Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Reel Review & Unboxing PMAXSP10 Fishing Reel Transcript

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00:00 Are you ready to check out the Abu Garcia Pro Max P-Max Sp10 Spinning Reel? Stay tuned. What’s up, everybody? Todd Welch here from The Backcountry Trail and High Altitude Brands. Today we’re going to open up the Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Reel. This is the P-Max Sp10 and check it out, see what kind of spinning reel it is and what we can expect. So, let’s go ahead and open this guy up .

00:35 And also, before we get started, make sure you click down below, click subscribe, then click that little bell to get notified of more awesome reviews just like this one. Let’s go. So, this is the one that came in the sealed packaging instead of the box. Let’s see how difficult this is to open up, because I didn’t bring scissors with me today, and looks like it opened up here at the bottom, actually. Came right apart for me, which is nice. So let’s see if I can just pull that out of there real easy. Not too bad. So the bottom pops out of there pretty easy. You can get that open. You can buy this in a box as well instead of this sealed retail packaging.

01:26 First thing here, looks like we have some kind of an instruction sheet. So, let’s go ahead and open that up and looks like they taped it here. Come around so you can see that a little bit. Yeah, they taped this with regular tape, and of course I ripped it since it’s regular tape, obviously. So, let me go ahead and open that up, see what we have there. It looks like it is just like a parts sheet. This is a parts sheet that comes in there and then on the back is what each part is going to be in there. So, you can see that I ripped it there a little bit. The hole right there, but kind of nice so you can see all the parts. So, if you wanted to take your spinning reel apart and maybe clean it, something like that, nice to have that to see how all the parts are going in there.

02:34 All right, so as far as the reel goes, get this nice and close for you, so you can see it. Beautiful colors on this thing. I love the black and the gold. A really nice color combination, a little bit of silver on there as well, which is nice, and it looks like … I’m thinking this is all aluminum, really nice and sturdy. I can’t really … if I reef hard on there, I’m not bending the reel at all. It’s just barely moving a little bit at the joints. This guy up here, also not moving. Is really sturdy, so that is probably going to be aluminum as well, and the whole body actually feels aluminum on this including the spool, so that’s really nice. It’s going to be pretty durable for you, unlike some of the really cheap plastic ones. This reel runs about $50 so it’s like your mid range spinning reel. Appears to be all aluminum, which is really nice. It’s going to be nice and strong for you and just real nice and sturdy.

03:53 You can see there with the bail, bail closes real nicely for you if you just start spinning, so that’s really nice. So you don’t have to be closing that manually all the time. So overall, it looks really nice so far. One thing that I like about these is they have the longer shaft on them. So, some of the spinning reels that you’re going to see are going to have a shorter, wider shaft here for the spool. And with the longer spool, typically you’re going to be able to cast farther because you’re going to have less resistance as the line comes off. So, you’re going to be able to cast farther with a reel that has that longer spool like that.

04:46 Now, this guy has the drag on top here, and if we unscrew that, that will bring the spool right off for us. And that’s definitely all aluminum. You can see inside there if you get any dirt or anything in there, that comes off nice and easy so you can clean it. Pretty typical like most spinning reels that you’re going to see, but nice and easy to do the drag there as you can see, to tighten it up or loosen it, whatever you want to do. So, pretty easy there. Now, you can see right now it’s going forward and back, but it’s got this little lever right at the bottom here and we can just flip that over. And now we have the instant reverse. So, I can’t go backwards any longer. But if I flip that back, then I could reel backwards if I’d like.

05:54 Let’s see, so the handle here, it’s got a little bit of rubberization on the reel handle here, which is really nice. And I like the ergonomic design, which allows you to kind of grip on it really easy and hold it and spin it. Not a big fan of the EVA foam ones. Some of them are EVA foam for this handle and for me, I don’t really like those because then if you set this down, gets in a little dirt or something like that or water, it’s going to suck into that eva foam and you’re not gonna be able to get it out. But with the rubberization on here, you’re not gonna have that problem. And also, you have decent grip on there as well. Some of the cheaper ones on this handle and here as well are just going to be all plastic. And then if that gets wet or something, you’re going to slip off of their a lot easier. So the rubberization is really nice there indeed.

06:51 You got just a little nut over here on the side and you can just unscrew that and that’s going to allow the handle to come out. So it’s just going to come right out. So if you are left handed perhaps, you can just put it right in to the other side, screw the nut back in there, and you are good to go. I am right-handed though, so let’s put that back on to the right-handed side here. Now I just want to see what the weight is on this guy. I’ve got my scale here, so that is coming in at 7.1 ounces. So, nice light spinning reel as well. So, not going to add a lot of weight to your setup.

07:39 All right, now another nice thing, on the back of the packaging, it has a lot of good detail on here. Now, you’re going to see that this has a gear ratio of 5.2 to 1. Basically what that means is that when you turn the handle, for every one time that you turn the handle, it’s going to spin the spool 5.2 times. So the higher that gear ratio, the more line that you’re going to be able to reel in per turn. So, depending on what kind of fishing you’re going to do, a higher gear ratio is good. Sometimes a lower gear ratio is good, so depending on how quickly you need to reel in that line.

08:22 And this one is actually pulling in 21 inches per turn of line. So, a little bit on the low end, but really nice for some of your basic fishing, like small bass fishing, pan fishing, trout fishing, things like that, we’re good. Max drag tension is 6.5 pounds, so it can take up to 6.5 pounds of tension. If you tighten that drag on the end here, you tighten this drag all the way down, it’s going to take 6.5 pounds of pressure before line starts coming out of there for you.

09:02 Let’s see. So, mono capacity for your lines, it’s gonna take six pounds, 110 yards of that, and that is all that is shown on here. Let’s see on the actual reel if it says anything else. Yes, it does. So, right on here you can see a couple other specifications. Four pounds, you can get 140 yards on there, and eight pounds, you can get 80 yards. So four, six and eight pound test is what you’re going to want to use on this size reel. This is a size 10 or 1000, and so you can get four pound, six pound, eight pound is what you’re going to preferable use on there. You can even use two pound test on here, probably get away with 10 pound. You’re just not going to get a lot of yardage of 10 pound on there.

09:55 And so that is it. That is the Abu Garcia Pro Max 10, size 10, spinning reel. Really nice reel. We actually package this with our High Altitude Brands telescopic fishing rods. We sell it with this reel and works really good for trout fishing. I use these a lot for trout fishing and things like that, so I definitely highly recommend it. If you’re interested in getting one of these, I have a link down below in the description. You can click on that. That’s an affiliate link. Also, while you’re down there, make sure you click on subscribe. Click that little bell to get more reminders of video reviews and such like this. Other than that, this is Todd Welch with the High Altitude Brands signing off. Tight lines, everybody.

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