Bubble Fishing For Trout: Super Shoreline System

Bubble Fishing For Trout: Super Shoreline System

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“Excuse me,” called out the older gentleman as he approached through the thick brush. “What in the world are you using? I’ve watched you land trout after trout. You must have also caught and released 60 this morning!” “Actually,” I replied, “the exact count is now 76” and I later maxed out at 104 brookies and rainbows. This article will cover the super shoreline system bubble fishing for trout.

Written by John McKean, July 1st 2020

I was casting a half filled clear hollow bobber attached to a small bucktail jig by a 30″ leader. I merely had to seek various shoreline positions, cast FAR out, and then retrieve back slowly. Trout blasted the tiny morsel.

Best Fishing Secrets Clear Casting Bubbles

Super Shoreline Bubble Fishing

The super shoreline bubble method is simple while the results can be exceptional.

Bubble Fishing Equipment

Portable Telescoping Fishing Pole Rod High Altitude
High Altitudes Telescopic Pole

Use a high quality transportable rod that is easy to carry through wooded and bushy shorelines. The High Altitudes Brands Telescopic Pole is an excellent choice.

Casting Super Shoreline Bubble Fishing

Distance cast a water weighted float filled with an ounce or more of water. So, the spinning stick is fairly tough but also light. Also, did I mention High Altitude Brands?

Slow Reeling Bubble Trout Fishing

Cover lots of clockwise angles of retrieve to find the trout. Then, maintain a slow (often pausing) style of reeling. This will also allow the trout to make up their minds to attack!

Rigging Tips For Bubble Fishing

Berkley XL906 Mono Fishing Line

Thread a light mono line through the top of a water bubble’s center stem (wide part of this stem down). Then, tie it to a medium sized snap swivel. Tie a 2 to 3 foot leader to the swivel and attach your favorite small jig, fly, or lure. While at the water’s edge, open up the float’s stem, dunk your float underwater and let it fill 1/2 to 3/4 full.

Location Tips For Bubble Fishing

Through my many years of experience bubble fishing I have met many anglers and they will each have their own favorite lure. The specific location you fish will also determine the best lure to use. The correct lure will provide tremendous success in your home area.


A native Alaskan, an Elder in his clan, exclusively works a tiny beaded nymph behind his bubble while catching 10’s of thousands of grayling, trout, and salmon over his 65+ year career!


A group of dedicated bubblers in the Southwest work only hand-tied wooly worm flies while catching large numbers of mountain reservoir rainbow trouts.


One Colorado fellow nabs immense brown trout from shore using a small light Flatfish plug that is easily cast with a weighted float. A slight problem when fishing at night though is that often a 10 pound trout will attack the bubble itself. So, be sure to carry a few treble hooks to attach if needed.

South Carolina

A S.C. saltwater guide casts bays for Spanish Mackerel and bluefish with small spoons behind her bubble. Her clients love the action!

Pacific Northwest

In the Pacific N.W., one guy I know places his own very large marabou jigs under a float to drift. He catches hundreds of huge river steelheads each year!

Southern United States

Down South some saltwater specialists use a 3″ section of a trebeled highly colored drinking straw with a bubble. Catching a big variety of salty fish!


In areas of Idaho’s Snake river a water bobber carrying a 1/8 oz black jig and a 3” purple plastic worm catches limits and record sized smallmouth bass.

Texas Gulf Coast

Veteran guides in the Texas Gulf, who I correspond with, use floats with short leaders. Also, using ¼ oz jigheads and large twister tail soft plastics they dominate redfish on muddy flats.


A famed Midwest bubble man exclusively uses a small spinner-fly to conquer high altitude pothole lakes. Many times it was a trout every cast!

New England

The good ole bucktail jig is used to spectacular effect on striped bass by “salty dog” bobber men in New England.


An entire family in the Denver area likes to surface fish with dry flies behind their bubbles for rising trout.


In California a rainbow trout expert specializes in a short pink plastic worm below a float with tremendous success.

North Carolina

One young husband and wife team employ the float with artificial shrimp throughout bays of the Outer Banks. Then they will concentrate on seatrout and flounder.


Across the ocean, the British, Danish, and Scottish spincasters fish their giant lochs with bubbles. They also use big streamer flies to catch trophy browns, pike, and even carp.

Bubble Fishing Trout Super Shoreline System

Fly and a Bubble Fishing Technique

I know a fellow whose family invented the original plastic worm. Guess what he now fishes his small bass worms under?? Water bubble work is relaxed fishing and is generally snag free. Enjoy self made experiences and play around a bit to learn your own “secrets”! For instance, I’ve experimented with placing metal BBs inside my bubbles. They seem to “call” fish to my suspended jig during times of murky water. Also, I’ve learned to EXPECT fish to take during pauses in my reeling as the lure slowly sinks down. But, such hits are hard to detect so I always restart the retrieve with a bit faster movement to “sting” any taker!

So, get yourself a water bubble and learn to tie a simplistic small jig or fly. Then use a good rod when roaming a secluded shore. Cast for the moon and pull in fish that no one else can reach!

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