What is the Best Fishing Line Stripper?

What is the Best Fishing Line Stripper?

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The great fishing line stripper showdown. What is the best and fastest way to strip line off of your fishing reels? Lets find out now…

In this video showdown we pit LineOff VS Du-Bro Bottle Bit VS Berkley Line Stripper Max VS Rapala Electric Fishing Line Remover

What is the Best Fishing Line Stripper? LineOff VS Du-Bro VS Berkley VS Rapala Line Removers
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All fishermen know how trying it can be to strip their fishing line. Removing fishing line has been a problem that has plagued man since the invention of the rod and reel. There is a lot of fishing line, and, if it isn’t managed right, it can become tangled. It can be a mess to deal with, and removing it can take a lot of time and effort. For this reason, mechanical line strippers have been growing in popularity.

Enter the Fishing Line Strippers

Showdown Line Off vs Berkley Line Stripper Max vs Du-Bro Bottle Bit vs Rapala Electric Line remover

Mechanical line strippers are devices that greatly reduce both the time and stress involved in stripping your fishing line, providing you with more time to do the parts of fishing you actually enjoy, namely the fishing. We had the opportunity to try out 4 of the best selling and highest rated fishing line strippers and removers on the market and were able to compare and contrast them in order to find out which one is best for the modern fisherman. Let’s take a look at what we found.

Speed and Convenience

To start with, we determined how long it took for us to strip the line by hand, which turned out to be 3 minutes and 50 seconds. Not too shabby, but we all know time adds up. To test out these fishing line strippers, we spooled a High Altitude Brands telescopic rod using 125 yards of 15 lb Spiderwire with a 6 lb diameter. We used the same basic power drill throughout to spin the strippers in order to ensure that there was the same steady speed and force applied to each one. The devices we tested were the Du-Bro 1170 Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper, the Berkley BLMLSM Line Stripper Max, the LineOff Line Remover, and the Rapala Electric Line Stripper. Let’s see how they fared against each other.

Winner: LineOff Fishing Line Remover

LineOff Easy Quick Fishing Line Stripper, Line Remover, Line Winder, Line Spooler

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LineOff Line Remover is the first fishing line stripper that we tested.  LineOff Line Remover touts its ability to be used with all different sizes of reels and to unspool up to five fishing reels at once. You are also able to spool line onto the LineOff Line Remover that can be saved and spun back onto your reel at a later time.

Made in the USA

LineOff Line Remover is made in the USA, which is a plus, has very positive feedback from consumers with a 5 out of 5 user rating on Amazon, and sells currently on Amazon for $19.99. Customers seem to appreciate the LineOff Line Remover for its simplistic design, which functions more intuitively than most overly complicated and ambitious battery-operated alternatives. We put the LineOff Line Remover into action for ourselves to see how it works.

The best fishing line stripper is LineOff

Simple and Easy

First thing you’ll notice when you open the packaging is the simple and easy instructions printed behind the label. This is a nice touch for a product that aims to get by on its simplicity and ease-of-use.

As soon as you take the device out, you feel immediately that it is manufactured from high-grade plastic, with a sturdy weight and thickness to it that definitely speaks to its value. The device is merely two orange cones held together by a rod and a wingnut, so disassembly and reassembly is simple and easy. To use it, loosen the wingnut just a little in order to create a small gap between the two orange cones that the fishing line can then be fitted into. Once the fishing line is placed in the gap, tighten the wingnut so that the two cones grab ahold of the line.

Taking apart the LineOff Fishinig Line Remover Stripper

Once you’ve secured the line, you are ready to start spinning. We used a spinning reel, but given that the LineOff Line Remover claims it can be used with any type of reel, you should get similar results with whatever type of reel you have.

LineOff Fishing Line Stripper Removing Fishing Line Easily

Faster Than Removing Fishing Line By Hand

By the time the LineOff Line Remover had stripped all 125 yards from the reel, 2 minutes and 40 seconds had passed. It was a very easy process to use the device, and the line looked nice and neat when done, ready to be spun back onto the reel at anytime. We actually tried reeling some of the line back in, just to see how easily it could be done, and it worked like a charm.

Spooling the line back on the reel from the LineOff Line Remover

If you don’t wish to keep the line on the device, you can undo the wingnut and take the device apart to remove the line on its own. The line will come off in a tightly-wound spool that can be easily discarded. Overall, a good experience, and a great recommendation for anyone who wishes to keep it simple with their fishing line remover.

LineOff and Berkley Line Stropper Max Make Nice Bundles of Fishing Line to Easily Recycle or Throw Away

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2nd Place Tie: Berkley BLMLSM Line Stripper Max

Berkley BLMLSM Fishing Line Stripper Max

Click here to see pricing and buy on Amazon

Berkley Line Stripper Max touts a built-in clutch, a quick disconnect line-release cap, and a drill attachment to hook it up to most standard power drills. The Line Stripper Max is slightly cheaper than the LineOff Line Remover, available for $13.96 off Amazon at the time of writing with a 4.6 out of 5 user rating. Mostly, there seems to be a very large positive reaction from consumers who purchase this product.

Made in China

Berkley Line Stripper Max, unlike the LineOff Line Remover, is made in China. On appearance, the Line Stripper Max looks a lot like the LineOff Line Remover, but with only one cone instead of two. We put the Line Stripper Max to work to see how well it did what it claimed to.

Stripping line using the Berkley Line Remover Max

After removing the packaging and the cap, we found some plain and simple printed paper instructions nestled inside of the device. First, you take the cap and hook it onto the small end of the cone, forming a base. On the base is a small notch to hook your fishing line. In order to keep your fishing line attached, you have to tie a small knot with it, which can be a slight annoyance.

A Little More Complicated

Downside of Berkley Line Stripper Max is having to tie line through small hole

The simplicity of attaching fishing line to the LineOff Line Remover was seeming very appealing in comparison during this process. Of course, being professionals, tying a knot with fishing line is as easy for us as tying our shoes, but not everybody will have this advantage.

Once the line was attached to the device, it was time to attach the device to the drill. Attaching the Line Stripper Max to our power drill wasn’t as easy as attaching the LineOff Line Remover, but it was still simple enough to do with a little bit of nimble finger work.

It worked, but a little bit less smoothly than the LineOff Line Remover. It was still very doable. The spool was a little messy, so it might not be a good idea to reuse, but the line was removed nonetheless and was able to be easily discarded and recycled.

Stripping line using the Berkley Line Remover Max

Faster Fishing Line Stripper

One thing the Line Stripper Max has over the LineOff Line Remover is time efficiency, as it only took the Line Stripper Max 1 minute and 43 seconds to remove the 125 yards of fishing line from the reel, which is impressive. So a little bit faster, but a little bit sloppier. The Line Stripper Max seemed to have gotten the job done faster than the LineOff Line Remover by being thicker where the line spools, allowing for more line to be spooled with each rotation.

Disassembling the Line Stripper Max to retrieve the line proved easy enough, but in order to totally remove the line we had to undo the knot which we had tied, which was a bit of a bother. We used a pair of scissors and just cut right through it, but some might wish to do it a bit cleaner.

You have to cut the line off of the Berkley Line Remover Max, One of the Downsides

Overall, a good option for speed, but not such a great option for preserving your line after it’s been stripped. As well, the business of tying and removing the knot seems to be a little more trouble than we’d have liked. For us, we’d personally prefer to spend the extra minute with the LineOff Line Remover, but preferences are subjective.

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2nd Place Tie: Du-Bro 1170 Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper

Du-Bro 1170 Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper

Click here to see pricing and buy on Amazon

Du-Bro Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper is unique in that it’s just a little tiny piece that attaches to any plastic bottle to become a mechanical fishing line remover. Because it is smaller, needing to be attached to a bottle to work, it is cheaper than the previous two, going now for only $4.99 on Amazon. It is also made in the USA. It has less user feedback than the previous two devices mentioned, but what little it has is positive.

Some Assembly Required

There are some simple instructions on the package, but assembly of the device is slightly complicated, so you may prefer the more in-depth instructions available on the manufacturers website. Automatically, the Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper poses a little bit more work to the user, as the instructions detail having to drill a hole in the bottle before the device is attached.

Drilling the hole in a bottle cap for the Du Bro Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper

This extra work, plus the fact that other parts are required to make the device work, put the Bottle Bit Finish Line Stripper a bit below both prior mentions before we even got to trying out. Let’s see how it went, and how well the Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper worked in comparison to the others when put into action.

Plastic Bottle Required

We used a bottle that was completely round to attach the device to, hoping that the lack of indentations on the bottle would make removing of the line spool easier once it had been spun. The hole needs to be drilled in the bottle cap, which is a bit of a challenge in and of itself. You need to watch your fingers carefully and make sure you’re not drilling on top of a nice table because you might slip, and, even if you don’t slip, the bottle cap is so small the bit goes right through it and can scratch the surface beneath. You then screw a little bit into the bottle cap that can attach to your drill.

Du Bro Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper Setup

Once we managed the assembly, attaching the bit to the drill proved to be the easiest part of the process thus far. However, it turned out that the hole we drilled in the cap was just a tiny little bit off center, which caused the whole entire bottle to wobble as it spun. This seemed like a pretty major complication caused by such a simple and easy-to-make mistake, but we went ahead and saw how it worked as a fishing line stripper anyways.

Tape or Tie Your Line

To attach your fishing line to the bottle, the instructions say to either tie your line around the bottle or tape it. We didn’t have any tape with us, so we tied it. Despite the wobble, the fishing line went onto the bottle just fine, and the Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper managed to beat both prior devices in respect to time, clocking in the full 125 yards at just 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Du Bro 1170 Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper is very versatile once you get it setup

However, as per our previous revelation that the thickness of the device could dictate how fast the device spools the line, this statistic seem like it would be largely determined by the size of plastic bottle you decide to attach the Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper to. Since we chose a fairly thick bottle, the time was fairly quick. Keep this in mind if you are to use this device.

Quick Fishing Line Removal

Our fishing line was removed cleanly enough that it could be spooled back onto the reel, such as with the LineOff Line Remover. Depending on what type of bottle you choose, spooling the line back onto your reel might be a bit more challenging than with the LineOff Line Remover, though, as it was hard for us to keep the bottle in place in order to reel the line back in.

Spooling line back on the reel from the Du Bro Bottle Bit Line Stripper

Sadly, despite our aforementioned forethought in choosing the bottle, we were unable to remove the spooled line from the bottle by itself, which means that most likely you are going to have to continually replace the plastic bottle. This might prove a bit of a chore when the whole point of mechanical fishing line strippers would seem to be to save a little bit of time and effort.

Comparing the LineOff, Berkley Max and the Du-Bro Bottle Bit Line Removers Strippers to find out what is the best fishing line stripper

Saving Your Fishing Line

We imagine that if you wish to hold onto the fishing line for reuse, you could use the plastic bottle as a means of preserving it for later, but otherwise the bottle is going to have to be discarded along with the line.

Overall, despite the assembly it took to work and the fact that the bottle being replaced time and time again might prove taxing, we were surprised by how well the device did its job. Definitely an option for you if you don’t mind the hassle and would like to save the few bucks extra you’d need to pay for the other options available. Not a bad product, and it does what it claims to. As well, if you’re into saving your lines, the chance to have each line saved on a specific bottle might make this the option for you.

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4th Place: Rapala Electric Line Stripper

Rapala Electric Fishing Line Remover

Click here to see pricing and buy on Amazon

Of the four, this is the only electric fishing line remover we tried. Berkley, as well, makes an electric fishing line stripper that is very similar, but since we already tried a Berkley device, we’re going with the Rapala Electric Line Stripper for this review. The Rapala Electric Line Stripper touts the ability to reel in 5 feet of line per second on the front of the packaging, and 10 feet of line per second on the back of the packaging. Whichever one’s accurate, we hope to find out.

Made in China

Rapala Electric Line Stripper claims to feature an enhanced stripper-wheel design, a high-torque motor, and a fine-grit aluminum oxide stone to sharpen your hooks. Like the Berkley Line Stripper Max, the Rapala Electric Line Stripper is made in China. Unlike the previous three devices, this device requires four AA batteries to function, making it automatically less versatile for the outdoorsman. Batteries are not included.

Spinning sharpening stone on the end of the Rapala electric line remover

On Amazon, the Rapala Electric Line Stripper is currently priced at $17.53, with semi-positive user feedback, sitting at a 3.7 out of 5 on the user rating. User consensus seems to be that even though the Rapala Electric Line Stripper is an improvement over predecessors of the same type and brand, it still has some minor faults despite doing what it claims to do. Still, there is some positive feedback to balance out the negative. Let’s see if the criticisms are accurate, if the Rapala Electric Line Stripper benefits at all from the electricity provided, and if it can stand up against the other three that required no electricity at all.

Hard to Open Packaging

Rapala Electric Line Stripper has the most heavy-duty packaging of the bunch, so be sure to have some scissors handy when opening it for the first time. There are no instructions included with the package, so you’re pretty much left to your own devices when discovering how to use it.

Tearing open the packaging of the Rapala Electric Line Remover

Batteries Required

A screw keeps the two pieces of the device held together, and separating them reveals the area where you place the batteries. When placing the batteries in, the plastic on the device actually came apart at the seam, which seemed a bad omen. Still, we were able to pop it back into place and replace the screw, preparing the device for action.

Rapala Electric Line Remover Stripper Broke In Half When Putting in Batteries
Removing the screw to the battery compartment on the Rapala Electric line remover

Once the batteries are in place, the sole button on the device can be pushed to spin the motor, as well as the little stone for sharpening your hooks. To hook the fishing line into the device, there is simply a hole to put the line into, then you press the button. Immediately, it became apparent that this device was a little finicky, as we had to hold the device in the exact right position for it to smoothly eat up the line. When it worked, it worked fast, but it was hard to get it to work.

After some playing around, we were able to figure out how to hold the device and the line to get a good stream going through, and from then on the device worked pretty much as advertised. It would seem that you need to have some pull on the line for the device to pick up on it the right way.

Super Fast Fishing Line Stripping

To eat up all 125 yards of line, our Rapala Electric Line Stripper took about 1 minute, making it the fastest of the bunch. However, unlike all previous three, the line was not spooled, and this resulted in a mess of unkempt line all over our work area. It was simple enough to bundle all the line up and discard of it, but it certainly couldn’t be reused this way, and, for all intents and purposes, the organized spool is a much better form for removed fishing line when it comes to handling.

Makes a Mess of Fishing Line

Rapala Electric Line Remover While Cheap and makes a mess Strips line fast

For us, the slight convenience of the electric motor and the extra minute or so it gave us definitely didn’t balance out the mess that was made and the frustration we had with getting the device to work. Unless you need to get the job done as fast as possible and don’t care about saving your fishing line or keeping it bound and organized for disposal or recycling, you can do better than the Rapala Electric Line Stripper by picking up any of the other three.

Comparing the Rapala Electric Line Remover to LineOff and Berkley Line Remover Max and Du-Bro bottle bit

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Fishing Line Removal Time Score Board

Overall, all devices pretty much did what they claimed, but there were clear winners.

1st Place LineOff

Our first pick would be the LineOff Line Remover, which got the job done fast and easy, and, importantly, clean. You can reuse your line and even spool it back onto the reel right off of the device. 

2nd Place Tie Berkley and Du-Bro

Our second pick was a tie between the Berkley BLMLSM Line Stripper Max and the Du-Bro Bottle Bit Remover

Berkley Line Stripper Max worked similarly enough similar to the LineOff Line Remover but with a few inconveniences and a little added mess, despite getting the job done a little faster.

However, the Du-Bro 1170 Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper would be great specifically for people who would be interested in saving multiple spools of line on different bottles, as you could easily preserve the fishing line on each plastic bottle used and, like the LineOff Line Remover, it can be spooled back onto the reel right off the bottle.

4th Place Rapala

Lastly, our Rapala Electric Line Stripper seems to have been undone by its ambition, as, despite the supposed conveniences of the electric motor and the fast speed with which it can eat up your fishing line, the mess made from the unorganized fishing line when it’s all over and the fickle nature of the device when trying to get it to do what it’s supposed to make it our last choice. This one would only be recommended for those who feel they need the job done as fast as possible and don’t care about the mess.

So, there you have it, all of these products are available currently on Amazon for a reasonable price. Hopefully we helped you figure out which option is best for you!


*LineOff Line Remover: https://amzn.to/34eBmkz

*Rapala Electric Line Stropper: https://amzn.to/32UINNV

*Berkley BLMLSM Line Stripper Max: https://amzn.to/36cWhXh

*Du-Bro 1170 Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper: https://amzn.to/2pkiaDe


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