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Best Trout Fishing Lures: Top 5 Best Spoons

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Below you will find the best trout fishing lures in the spoon genre of all time.  This is article 1 in our Best Trout Bait of All Time Series.

When it comes to trout fishing, simplicity is often the best choice. Spoons are among the simplest lures in the world, but they usually do the job. They are also cheap, meaning that they are a great option in areas with a lot of snags.

We have drawn on all of our collective backcountry fishing experience to bring you this list of the top five best spoons for trout fishing.

Included are classics like the Acme Phoebe and the Mepps Little Wolf, but we have also thrown in a few different designs like the Dardevle Original.

Love a spoon not on the list?  Add it to the comments below.

Have a look at the lures below, choose your favorites, and make sure that you add them to your trout fishing tackle box!

1. Acme Little Cleo

Acme Little Cleo Spoon

Acme Little Cleo is a lure designed by trout fishermen, for trout fishermen. It incorporates decades of fishing expertise, and has quickly become one of the best backcountry trout lures in the world (in my opinion anyway!).

The Little Cleo has a range of features, including:

  • An innovative design which creates a wild, irregular swimming action, but which doesn’t result in line twisting like many other spoons.
  • A hump backed shape which creates a wiggling movement that has never failed to draw fish in. It is designed to look like a confused, injured baitfish.
  • A textured look that is designed to appear like scales while reflecting the light in a way that is bound to draw predatory fish in.
  • An aerodynamic design for optimal casting distance, making it perfect for using in backcountry alpine lakes.

When these features are coupled with needle sharp hooks and a decent swivel, you really do have the king of spoons. If you don’t have a Little Cleo in your tackle box, get one – you won’t regret it!

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2. Luhr-Jensen Hus Lure

Luhr-Jensen Hus Lure Spoon

Silver metal lures have been used for decades to entice predatory fish to strike. The Luhr-Jensen Hus spoon is no different.

With a unique ‘bent’ design and an erratic swimming motion, the Hus has the ability to cut through surface currents and reach deeper waters where the big fish lie.

The reflective coating is designed to catch and concentrate whatever sunlight there is, meaning that this lure will work well in all light levels.

In fact, I have even had moderate success using it on a moonlit night.

The Luhr-Jensen Hus is perfect for backcountry trout fishing in small streams and rivers. It is designed to be used in strong currents, where the movement of the water will ‘work’ the lure and draw fish in.

However, it will work equally well in still waters, but you will just have to work the lure with your rod.

Play around with your retrieval style, as different styles seem to work better on different days.

Sometimes a very fast retrieve works well, but sometimes I find that a slow, jerky retrieve will excite sleepy fish and entice a strike.

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3. Acme Kastmaster / Southbend Kastaway

Acme Kastmaster Number 3 Top Trout Fishing Spoon of All Time

This innocent little chunk of metal has likely caught more trout then anything else on the market.  This spoon wobbles back and forth in the water simulating a hurt or confused bait minnow.

While they come in all sorts of different colors and designs typically the gold and silver are the two main designs that you will need as the flash from these lures add that extra visual to trigger a strike in a hungry trout.

One of the biggest benefits of this spoon is its weight to size ratio.

Even with the smaller 1/8th ounce versions you can cast them a long ways because of their weight as they are literally a chunk of metal with two flat sides.

When I need to cover a lot of water quickly this is one of my go to lures and it rarely fails.

The Acme Kastmaster is the original creator of these lures and if you want the best I recommend sticking with Acme but if you are looking for a lower priced alternative the Southbend Kastaway is a safe bet.

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4. Mepps Little Wolf

Mepps Little Wolf Spoon

The Mepps Little Wolf is another relatively simple spoon which is designed for targeting small trout on light gear.

Although similar to the Acme Little Cleo, the Little Wolf has a different swimming action and different color schemes, making it an absolute must for any serious fisherman.

The Little Wolf comes in a number of different colors, but as always, it’s very important to select the right color for the waters you plan on fishing.

Try and match the color of your lure to the baitfish in the area, but if you can’t do that, I would recommend the blue/silver variation. In all honesty, I have rarely missed when using this color, and I don’t see any reasons why you would.

With razor sharp, strong hooks and a cleverly place piece of red tubing around the shank of the hooks, the Little Wolf really does have it all.

If you don’t already have one in your lure box (and I’m sure that some of you do!), then you need to get one before your next fishing trip!

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5. Dardevle Original

Dardevle Original Spoon

Although the shape of the Dardevle Original is anything but original, the color schemes that this lure offers is something that has to be seen to be believed!

Although most lures try and imitate common baitfish and other prey from an area, the Dardevle seems to do the exact opposite. Rather than imitating anything, it presents itself in a range of flashy colors that – for some unknown reason – seem to do the trick!

One of my favorite styles is the red/white variation. Its strange colors, combined with its unique wobbling motion, seems to make it a favorite among larger trout.

If you’re looking for a new lure to try, then consider adding this one to your arsenal!

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Honorable Mention: Luhr Jensen Super Duper Spoon

Super Duper Trout Fishing Spoon one of the best trout fishing lures of all time

The Super Duper is an extremely simple spoon which is nothing more than a piece of sheet metal cut bent into a U shape. This also makes them extremely unconventional as they are one of the few spoons with this design.

The U shape makes for an irresistable swimming action that game fish such as trout can not resist.

Choose a color which matches popular baitfish in the area or go with the time tested silver or gold.

If you’re not too sure about what color to choose, the silver, gold, or blue variations are always good choices. They are highly reflective, they will catch the sun as they move, and they will undoubtedly bring the fish in.

If possible, you need to try and find an area of stiller water to fish in for the spoon to have its full effect. Look for somewhere that a rock or fallen tree has broken the current flow, and cast there. Retrieve in a jerky, irregular motion and wait for the strike!

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Final Word:

Spoons are simple, easy to use, and they work great on trout and other species. If you are planning a trout fishing trip in the future, grab yourself a few of the best trout fishing spoons above.

I promise they are all proven to work, have a reliable design and construction, and they will be sure to help you land a few nice trout!

Love a spoon not on the list?  Add it to the comments below.

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