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Best Trout Fishing Lures: Top 5 Best Spinners

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This is article 2 in our Best Trout Bait of All Time series.

Trout fishing is fun, rewarding, and at times, extremely exciting. If you enjoy getting out and experiencing nature at its finest, then it could be time to pack your hiking bag, throw a bit of fishing gear together, and head out to target some backcountry trout.

When targeting small fish – which backcountry trout often are – spinners tend to work pretty well. They create enough flashy, random movement through the water to entice a strike in a small river or stream, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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After careful consideration, we have chosen our top 5 trout spinners for trout fishing. In no particular order, these include:

1. Panther Martin

Panther Martin Spinner


The Panther Martin is a trout lure with one interesting design feature. Instead of attaching the spinner blade to the lure shaft like most spinners, the Panther Martin actually has the lure shaft sticking through the blade (this is probably better explained by just looking at the picture of the lure).

This innovative design creates a much faster spinning motion, stirring the water up and enticing fish to strike. These spinners seem to work well in backcountry streams with a lot of water movement. The fast-moving blade is more noticeable than standard spinner blades, attracting the attention of fish, even when the water is dirty or stirred up.

In my experience, the gold/red and the blue/silver color variations are among the best, but as always, you need to match the color of your lure to the type of water you’re fishing. Note that there are also a couple of different blade shapes, with both concave and convex blades available. Grab a few, try them out, and add your favorite to your everyday lure box.

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2. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

Panther Martin Spinner

The Blue Fox Vibrax is one of the best known trout spinners in the world. The flashy design and unique action of these spinners really does make them amazing. Featuring a brass gear housing built into the lure to reduce line twisting, the Vibrax is one of my favorite trout spinners for backcountry fishing.

This lure comes in a range of colors, including silver, blue, gold, and chrome. It is very important to select the right color for the water you are fishing in. Try and find something which blends in with the surroundings. I generally use brighter colored, flashier lures (like the blue version of the Vibrax) in dirtier water, as they seem to entice more strikes.

The Vibrax also comes in a number of different sizes. As we noted earlier, most backcountry fish are on the smaller size, so it’s usually a good idea to go with a smaller spinner. However, if you’re going after larger specimens in backcountry alpine lakes, the bigger sized Vibrax will do just fine.  The heavy weight to size ratio of this lure really allows you to throw this bait a long way and cover a lot of water quickly.

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3. Yakima Bait Worden’s Rooster Tail

Yakima Bait Worden’s Rooster Tail

The Worden’s Rooster tail brings together a number of different lure variations to create one simple spinner which is absolutely dynamite on backcountry trout. First up, it takes fly-like feathers (the ‘rooster tail’) and uses them to hide the hooks. This gives the lure a more natural appearance, and seems to entice more regular strikes.

The long, carefully shaped blade spins with vigor, sending out flashes of light to wake up even the sleepiest of fish. This is combined with a wider diameter body that is designed to make the lure heavier and to give you more casting distance, alleviating one common problem with spinners – their lack of weight.

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4. Joe’s Flies Short Striker

Joe’s Flies Short Striker

Although it’s not a well known lure, the Joe’s Flies Short Striker has quickly become one of my favorite trout spinners. Featuring a longer design and more elements than the traditional spinner, this lure really has everything to both draw trout in and then to entice a strike. They are easy to use, and are great lures for novice backcountry fishermen.

One of the reasons why I like this lure so much is the fact that it contains so many different elements. To begin, it has the standard spinning spoon. This spoon is carefully shaped and fitted to the lure, creating the perfect vibrating motion during retrieval. Where the hooks would usually attach at the end of the lure is an interesting assortment of feathers. When used near the surface, these feathers act in much the same way as a fly. They add that extra little bit that a lot of spinners lack.

Combine these features with a tough design and super sharp hooks, and you have a lure which really will help you catch more fish. If you had to pick one lure off this list to add to my tackle box, it would probably be this one.

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5. Mepps Aglia

Mepps Aglia Spinner

The Mepps Agila spinner is a nice, basic lure that absolutely should form a part of your arsenal. Sometimes, the simple lures work the best, especially when you’re targeting small backcountry fish. The Agila certainly is simple in design, but it doesn’t come without some interesting features.

First up is the red tubing encasing the shank of the hooks. Red is a color often associated with successful lures, especially when fishing clear, shallow streams, and the inclusion of it on the Agila seems to work wonders. When paired with the brass spinning blade and the ultra-sharp hooks you really must have at least a couple of the many color variations of this lure in your trout arsenal.

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Final Word:

So, how many of these spinners do you already have in your tackle box? If you have three or more, congratulations, you must be a trout fishing master already! If you have less, then it could be time to spend a few dollars and bolster your lure selection. Having a wider selection of spinners in your tackle box can help you entice a strike when the fish are being fussy, and having some of the best trout spinners in the world as part of your arsenal is always going to be a good idea!

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