How to Fish PowerBait for Trout: Fishing with PowerBait

How to Fish PowerBait for Trout: Fishing with PowerBait

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Fishing for trout can be a challenge if you don’t know the best tips and techniques. One of the most effective fishing techniques is using PowerBait when you trout fish. PowerBait is a dough-like substance that comes in a variety of colors and scents. PowerBait fishing for trout can be successful if you follow some simple tips and techniques. With practice and some trial and error, these simple tips and techniques will help guide you to a successful day of trout fishing.

Why Use PowerBait for Trout

Although some anglers are traditionalists and do not want to use PowerBait, it has been proven to work time and time again. PowerBait is just as good as any other bait when it comes to fishing stocked trout. It works, is easy to find, is affordable and is easy to use. Some anglers will simply just throw it on a hook and cast it out, but there are techniques that will make it a bit more successful than simply hoping and wishing.

Quick Tips for PowerBait Fishing

Rainbow Trout Fishing

Where to PowerBait Fish for Trout

The best place for PowerBait fishing trout is in still waters such as a lake. Find a popular lake in your area and put the PowerBait to work! One of the reasons that a lake will work best is that trout are typically stocked in lakes. They are fed pellets, so the PowerBait appearance will be familiar to them. Wild trout, in rivers, are less likely to bite PowerBait because it will not resemble their food. It is not impossible to catch wild trout with PowerBait but they are proven to be more effective with stocked trout.

What PowerBait Work Best On

PowerBait will work best on the rainbow trout. The brown trout and brook trout will occasionally bite PowerBait, but overall, they seem to prefer natural bait. 

Best Time to PowerBait Fish for Trout

Sunset PowerBait Lake Fishing for Trout
Sunset PowerBait Lake Fishing for Trout

The best time to fish for trout is in the spring before it gets too warm. Once summer hits the trout will move into deeper waters. Remember to fish under wood structures and vegetation. Also remember that trout are most active in the early morning or at dusk. Because trout do not have eyelids they are not as active when the sun is shining bright. 

Basics of PowerBait for Trout

PowerBait that Floats

When choosing which PowerBait to use you will want to make sure that it is the type that will float. Most kinds will float, however there are a few that do not. You want your PowerBait to float above the bottom and above any of the ground debris. It is important to remember to put on just enough PowerBait to cover your hook. You do not need a big ball of PowerBait as too much will not seem natural and will deter the trout from biting.  If it is to large it will not fit in the trout mouth. Form your PowerBait into a firm round ball so it will stay on your hook longer.

Gulp! Trout Dough

Varieties of PowerBait

PowerBait comes in a variety of colors and scents and it is even available with glitter.  The types of scents available that seem to work best are the corn, garlic and cheese. Salmon is not as popular or effective. The basic colors are also successful with rainbow and yellow (easily seen) being the most popular. Experiment with what works. It could depend on the weather, the surroundings, or just what the trout want to chase on that day. Don’t be afraid to switch it up! 

It might also benefit you to ask around. Local anglers may give you a hint as to what works best in the area. If that is not an option or you get ten different answers from ten different anglers, then do your own experimenting by having at least five different varieties with you. We have had great success with the Berkley PowerBait Cheese.

PowerBait Trout Fishing Bait
by Berkley
PowerBait Trout Fishing Bait

Best Equipment When Powerbait Fishing for Trout

Fishing Line

When PowerBait fishing for trout it is important to remember that the trout have great sight. You will want to ensure that your fishing line is light and not too heavy that the trout see it and are scared away. A four pound line is ideal but you can use up to a six pound line. It is important not to use anything heavier than a six pound line to avoid spooking the fish.  When it comes to the fishing rod, use a typical 6 foot rod and pair that with an easy casting reel that works well with light line. We like Leland’s Lures Trout S.O.S..

Trout Magnet S.O.S. Fishing Line

Egg Sinker

To be successful when PowerBait fishing for trout you will want to be sure you have the proper equipment set up. You want to grab the end of your line and start with an egg sinker. Egg sinkers are great for fishing on or near the bottom where the trout will be hiding. Egg sinkers work well because the fish can grab the bait and not feel any resistance. The ideal size for your egg sinker is ¼ to 1 ounce. Tie on a barrel swivel, small in size, approximately a 10 or 12. The barrel swivel works as the stopper.

SOUTH BEND Egg Sinker Weights, Fishing Weight Egg Shape, 1 ounce
SOUTH BEND Egg Sinker 1 ounce


You will want to tie on a set of gang hooks that are approximately a size 8 or 10. Add the Powerbait to the gang hooks. By using gang hooks you can use different colors and/or scents all at once. Again, you want to use only enough of this synthetic bait to cover the hook. Before using gang hooks please make sure that they are legal where you fish. Rules will differ depending on where you are located. Treble hooks work well to bait and catch trout however, they make it problematic when unhooking the fish. If you plan on releasing the trout with minimal injuries treble hooks are not the best option.

When you cast out let it sink and reel it in so that most of the slack is gone. It is best to not have the line really tight so when the trout bites it can swim away just enough to get hooked firmly. If within thirty minutes you do not have any bites try another location.

Leader Length

You will want to keep the leader length to about 18 to 24 inches. This varies depending on weather. On warm sunny days you will want to keep the bait floating close to the bottom where the trout will be located. In Spring, when it is still a bit cooler, the bait should be more toward the middle of the water column. It is also important to remember when PowerBait fishing for trout that you will want to keep the bait slightly above any vegetation or weeds. This is where the trout will likely be swimming. Again, go with a low visibility leader and choose a two to four pound test line. It is best if the leader is lighter than your main line.

PowerBait fishing for trout does not have to be difficult. With some patience, trial and error you can be successful when fishing for stocked trout in still waters. Remember to try different PowerBait varieties, keep your line light and have fun. The rest will come in the form of a great catch! 

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