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Best Way to Catch Bass in a Pond

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Bass fishing is a popular sport, and many anglers look to rivers and lakes to fulfill their fishing needs. But if you are not considering bass fishing in ponds, you are missing out. Ponds provide a lot of action with the convenience of location and the better chance of catching a brag worthy bass. You will usually find a more peaceful atmosphere as there will not be many other anglers at the pond. You can beat the crowds instead of waiting in line at the boat launch or having to find a spot to fish on the shore that is a reasonable distance away from others that are also fishing. This article will teach you the best way to catch a bass in a pond. 

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Locating the Pond

Florida Pond with Monster Largemouth Bass

Odds are you have several ponds close to where you live. Bass fishing in a pond can save you time with a location that is closer instead of driving a long distance to fish in a lake or river. 

You will want to scope out several local ponds to get a feel for what will work for you. Some ponds might be inaccessible because they are on private property. Other ponds might not yield many bass. 

The best way to search is to check out maps or use google maps aerial views to find ponds you might not easily see from the road. Drive down some country roads, take a walk and uncover ponds that others might not know about. The ponds that you have to search for and can’t see right away are the best finds and usually not fished often. They will probably offer the most bass and the biggest bass.

Use Google Maps to FInd Bass Fishing Ponds

Keep in mind that the best way to catch bass in a pond is to try out the ponds you do find to see which ones give you the best results.

Pond Fishing for Bass Basics

Shore Fishing is the Best Way to Catch Bass in a Pond

The best way to catch bass in a pond is to fish from the shore. This is not only easy and convenient, it will get you the best results for finding and catching bass. Pond bass are especially skittish, so the less you disturb the water, the better. If the pond is less than an acre in size, this is especially important.

Watch Your Shadow

Watch Your Shadow While Bass Fishing Ponds

A good tip when fishing for bass in a pond is to fish ahead of your shadow. This is especially important if the water is clear. Bass will see your shadow and hide. So move around the pond to stay ahead of that shadow to be less conspicuous to bass. 

Casting Along the Shore

Most anglers make the mistake of fishing from the shore, but casting as far out into the middle of the pond as possible. Bass typically hang out no further than fifteen to thirty feet from shore. Instead of casting straight out, cast parallel to the bank. Try different angles to get the right spot, of course, but try to avoid casting straight out toward the middle. If you are fishing in a boat, get close to the bank and cast down the bank instead of toward it. This way, when you reel in, you are staying in the strike zone longer. 

If the pond is bigger than an acre, you can wade in the water. Be sure to move slowly and do your best not to make any movements that will disturb the bass. Other options include small bass boats that hold one or two people or a float tube

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Best Locations for Catching Bass in a Pond


Bass Fish in Ponds Near a Dam

If there is a dam, the water near that location is also a great spot for bass fishing. It is usually the deepest part of the pond. 

Dropoff Edges

Look for dropoffs. Bass usually are found in areas that have dropoffs even if it is just a foot or two. If you are looking at Google maps look for darker spots of water as that usually indicates deeper water.

Stream or Creek Inlets

Stream or creek Inlets provide a cooler current that attracts minnows and insects, which in turn attract bass.

Other Great Spots

Bass love structure a cover in the water

Of course, you will want to fish near weeds and fallen trees, logs and rocks. Bass love hiding in these areas while hunting for food. 

Forget Old Habits

The best way to catch bass in a pond is to forget some habits that come from fishing in larger bodies of water. You need to take lighter steps so you do not scare the bass away. You need to dress in clothing that camouflages, no bright colors. The pond provides the bass better views through clear, still water. Bright clothing will attract their attention and scare them.

Three Divided Water Levels for Catching Bass in a Pond

Side view of a pond showing depths to fish for bass

Bass in ponds follow the same patterns in terms of activity during the seasons as bass in lakes and rivers. But it is important to remember that ponds heat up two to four weeks earlier than in larger bodies of water. This is an important tip, because bass start biting earlier in ponds because of the warmer temperatures. 

For the best chance at successful bass fishing in a pond, you will need to consider the pond as three divided water levels. There is the shallow level, the medium level, and the deep level. 

Shallow Depth Level

You can usually find the shallow level in the upper end of the pond. Shallow waters are usually between three to four feet deep. The best way to catch bass in a pond is to fish the shallow depth level at dawn from late spring to fall.

Medium Depth Level

The medium depth level is usually located in the middle of the pond. From late spring through fall, you will want to move to this level mid-morning and remain there until noon, when the sun is at its most intense.  

Deepest Depth Level

The deepest depth level is best fished from early afternoon to late afternoon. 


In the winter, this is reversed. You will want to start with the deepest depth level at dawn and then the most shallow depth level in the late morning to late afternoon as the sun warms that area. Deeper water in winter is actually warmer then shallow water.

The Best Lures for Catching Bass in a Pond

Fishing lures laying on a table

The lure choice for bass fishing in a pond will be different than fishing in big lakes and rivers. You will want to make smaller, lighter choices. It is important for successful pond fishing that you remember bass are more skittish. 

Topwater Lures

If you want to use topwater lures, it is best to use them on ponds that are over an acre in size. They are noisy and can scare away any bass around. When using them on larger ponds, choose the smaller sizes. 

Plastic Worms

Berkley PowerBait MaxScent Green Pumpkin Party 4 Inch Bass Fishing Worm
Berkley PowerBait MaxScent Green Pumpkin Party 4 Inch Plastic Worm

Plastic worms work great when fishing for bass in ponds. The ideal size is four to six inches. It is recommended you use a sink worm rather than a floating worm. But if you are not getting any bites, remember to try different colors and styles. 


BOOYAH Boo Jig - Green Pumpkin - 3-8th oz Great Bass Fishing Lure
BOOYAH Boo Jig – Green Pumpkin – 3-8th oz Great Bass Fishing Lure

Jigs are another great choice. There are so many styles and colors that your chances are pretty good in finding the right one for the specific conditions you are fishing. Jigs are best used in rocky bottoms or around weedy areas. If you are fishing in muddy bottom conditions, use the football head jig. If you are using a jig in open waters, the swim jig is the best choice. 

Be sure to also try adding a jig trailer to your jig. A jig trailer is an extra bass attracting soft plastic that you add to the hook of your jig. A jig trailer can be anything from a scented strip to a craw fish to a plastic grub.

Strike King Rage Tail Bug Lure Great Jig Trailer to Add to Catch Bass
Strike King Rage Tail Bug Jig Trailer

Be sure to use a jig that matches the trailer. A different color can spook the bass, especially in the clear waters of a pond.

Black and blue colors work best in murky waters. Otherwise, if it is clear, any color should work. Again, remember to change it up until you find what works.


Strike King Square Bill Crankbait Fishng Lure
Strike King Square Bill Crankbait

Crankbaits are commonly used when fishing for bass. When pond fishing, the right crankbait can make all the difference. For shallow waters, lipless and square bills work best. They also work great around weeds and lily pads. Deep divers should be reserved for lakes and rivers. 


Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait for Big Largemouth Bass
Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits are easily the most popular choice when fishing for bass in a pond. They are great for this situation because you can fish it at any speed and in any depth. In warmer weather, keep the spinnerbait right under the surface and reel it in quickly, especially over any type of cover. Unless you are fishing in an especially large pond, keep the spinnerbait size between one eighth and one quarter ounce. 

Catching Bass in a Pond

Bass Fishing In Ponds

The best way to catch bass in a pond is to know the basics. It might be easier to catch larger bass in a pond, but if you do not take the time to study your surroundings and know the simple techniques and tips, you might miss out on that one big fish. Be sure to take your time and approach carefully as not to spook the bass. Fish certain spots according to the times of day, and use the lures that are proven to have results. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the sport.

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  1. Anthony Curreri

    Great article! We do all of our fishing in local ponds. I’ve noticed fish are few and far between this year compared to last year at the same time. The ponds around I seem to be dead. I’m hoping as the warm weather continues on here in Orlando Florida but it will improve. Seems like I’m doing everything correctly according to your article. Keep up the great work! Thanks. Anthony and Orlando.

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      Yeah that seems to be par for the course from what I am hearing from others as well. Keep at it and I am sure it will come around. Half the benefit is just getting out though so all good.

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