Best Largemouth Bass Lures
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Best Largemouth Bass Lures

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Bass fishing is one of America’s greatest pastimes. It has entertained and fed Americains for centuries. How many Americans can remember being taught to fish when they were a child? Or can recount the exhilarating feeling of landing your very first fish? For me these are some of my most cherished memories. To celebrate bass fishing, this article will discuss what makes the best bass fishing lures, and will list the best largemouth bass lures. If you’re looking for more general advice in fishing lures, check out this article:

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However, with so many tackle and lure options available for bass fishing, it can be a little overwhelming. Complicating the matter even further, many anglers don’t understand the difference between small-mouth and large-mouth bass. These two types of bass require different tactics and different lures. So taking the time to learn about the best largemouth bass fishing lures will make all the difference. 

Put most simply, largemouth bass prefer to hide away from the open water, and wait for prey to come to them. For the fisherman, this means choosing a lure that can be casted towards where the bass are hiding, and focus on luring them to you (pardon the pun).

Large Mouth Bass Like To Hide And Wait For Prey

But with our article, there’s no need to stress. We know what lures catch big largemouth bass, and we want to share that knowledge with you! We will help you decide what lure will be perfect for your next fishing trip, and ensure you land that prizewinning fish! So what makes a great bass fishing lure?

Is there such a thing as the best largemouth bass lure?

Let’s start with the most important point: there is no such thing as the perfect bass fishing lure. Rather than listing the definitive “best” bass fishing lures, this article will teach you what makes a great lure. This will help you make better decisions trip after trip after trip. 

What makes a great lure is the harmony of fisherman, lure, and environment. The fisherman who understands the conditions can choose the most appropriate lure, and give himself the best chance of landing that big bass. Where one lure might be perfect on one trip, it will struggle on another. 

A good fisherman knows that water clarity and depth, the presence or absence of snags, and weather will all affect what lure to choose. The season in which you’re fishing, and how rivers and waterways are flowing, should determine what lure an angler selects. Additionally, a knowledge of the area, and an understanding of what lures have been successful in the past, is indispensable. That’s why we always recommend reading up on local fishing blogs and guides before trying a new area. A friendly tip from a local will often save even expert fisherman hours of trial and error.

But even before you leave the house or do some online research, there’s many things you can learn that will help you pick the best bass fishing lure. This article will now discuss some of the best largemouth bass fishing lures, considering each of their strengths and weaknesses. 

Bass Fishing Jigs

BOOYAH Boo Jig - Green Pumpkin - 3-8th oz Great Bass Fishing Lure best largemouth bass lures
BOOYAH Boo Jig – Green Pumpkin – 3-8th oz Great Bass Fishing Lure

The Jig is the most classic of bass fishing lures. Coming in many different varieties, they are undoubtedly the most versatile of largemouth bass fishing lures. Bass fishing jigs are made by pouring a weighty substance (normally lead or tungsten) into a mold. A hook is placed in the mold before soft-body elements and other specific parts are added. In the water, jigs are designed to move vertically through the water in a jerky motion. This is what makes them particularly attractive to bass. 

How to fish a Jig - For the Beginner

The most common type of jig for bass fishing is a flipping jig. These jigs usually feature a weed guard as well as a silicone or rubber ‘skirt’. This skirt is what makes the jig look so tasty for big bass! After the fisherman has ‘flipped’ the lure into the water, the jig will pulsate and quiver as it is dragged along the bottom. Ideally, it is around this time that a hungry bass will take a bite!

As a little side note, we can’t help but mention the classic “Jig and Pig” lure. This variation on the classic flipping jig involves adding pork rind to the lure. This not only makes the lure sink more slowly, but also gives the lure a distinctive wiggle. This makes the lure a whole lot more appealing for an unsuspecting bass. While today many “Jig and Pigs” feature a synthetic pork rind, it is a lure combo that lives on in bass fishing folklore. 

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Spinnerbaits for Bass Fishing

Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait Fishing Lure
Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait

The spinnerbait is another member of the bass fishing hall of fame. Simply yet effective, the spinnerbait is essential in any self-respecting fisherman’s tacklebox. The spinnerbait is effective in many contexts, and will catch largemouth bass year round. 

Put simply, spinnerbaits spin. They feature one or more metal blades that cause the lure to spin in the water and reflect light that will attract predatory fish such as largemouth bass. The combination of the metal blades and a fast retrieval also means that spinnerbaits sit on or near the top of the water. This provides numerous advantages.

How to Fish a Spinnerbait - Scott Martin - Everything you need to know.

Firstly, sitting off the bottom, spinnerbaits won’t accumulate weeds and other debris. With spinnerbaits, fishermen spend less time fighting snags, and more time fighting fish. Secondly, spinnerbaits tempt not only a bass’s sight, but also its hearing and sense of touch. Spinnerbaits move through the water, capturing the fish’s attention by reflecting light and creating sound vibrations. They also attached the fish by triggering the fish’s lateral line system. This system is a special sense of fish that makes them extremely sensitive to changes in the water around them. It is this sense that the spinnerbait is specifically designed to exploit! The spinnerbait isn’t for beginners, because it can be difficult to operate effectively at first. But once mastered, these lures will catch you fish after fish after fish, all year round.   

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Plastic Worms for Bass Fishing

Zoom Bait Finesse Worm Type of Fishing Lure Bait
Zoom Bait Finesse Worm

No list of the best largemouth bass fishing lures would be complete without the humble plastic worm. There’s not much science to plastic worms, just solid fishing smarts. Whenever I recommend a plastic worm to someone, they always say something along the lines of: “but aren’t they a bit simple? There are so many fancy lures out there, surely they are better?” But the answer is no, they’re not necessarily better.

Bass Fishing : How to Bass Fish With Plastic Worms

While fancy, techno lures are certainly changing the bass fishing game, sometimes it helps to think like a fish. A plastic worm looks like something Bass like to eat. A plastic warm smells like something Bass like to eat. Plastic worms move like something bass like to eat. And at the end of the day, that’s what fishing is about. Presenting a lure to fish that mimics something in its natural habitat. So my advice is, don’t knock the plastic worm until you’ve given it a try. Time and time again, when other lures just aren’t doing the trick, it’s the humble plastic worm that saves the day.

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Frogs for Bass Fishing

Livetarget Hollow Body Frog for Bass Fishing best largemouth bass lures
Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

Following my previous point about fishing lure philosophy, it’s important to choose bass fishing lures that resemble real prey. With that in mind, let’s talk about frogs. Bass love eating frogs. In fact, it’s one of their favourite meals. Before long bass fishermen decided that frog lures would be a sure fire way to land some big fish. And so frogging was born. A unique aspect of frog lures is that the hooks face upward and rest flush against the body. In addition to avoiding weeds and grasses, this means that the frogs glide through the water in much the same way as a real frog would do. 

How to Catch BIG BASS on Frogs

The most common way of using frog lures is called, perhaps unsurprisingly, frogging. Frogging involves throwing soft hollow-bodied frogs into the thickest of floating vegetation. Floating vegetation is most commonly found on the edge of waterways, and next to large submerged logs and other obstacles. This is exactly where largemouth bass like to hide. So when we’re considering the best largemouth bass fishing lures, it’s hard to go past a frog. 

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Crankbaits for Bass Fishing

Strike King Square Bill Crankbait Fishng Lure
Strike King Square Bill Crankbait

This biggest strength of a crankbait is that you can cover a large amount of water in a short period of time. This makes crankbaits perfect for anglers looking to get to plenty of areas, are fishing in well stocked waterways, or for those who are competing in competitions. 

Kevin VanDam Spring Fishing Tips: The Crankbait

Simply, a crankbait is a hard bodied lure with a rounded shape, designed to imitate the swimming action of baitfish. They come in all shapes and sizes, with one of the greatest variations being the depth at which they swim. Crankbaits are the workhorse of Bass fishing lures. Although there might sometimes be a better lure for a particular spot, no lure is as consistent as the hard working crankbait. 

One weakness of crankbaits, however, is that they are susceptible to snags. With hooks sitting below the body of the lure, fishing around logs and grassy beds can be frustrating. Nonetheless, crankbaits make an excellent choice of bass fishing lure, and must be a part of every angler’s tacklebox.

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Conclusion of the Best Largemouth Bass Lures

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So there’s a useful introduction to the best largemouth bass lures. There are many different types of bass fishing lure, but we narrowed it down to the five best types of lure. Even though all of these lures will help you land bigg bass, the secret is knowing which one to use at which moment. If you know how to do that, and equip yourself with high-quality bass lures, it’s only a matter of time before you land the big one! So get out there and get fishing!

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