Jig Fishing for Bass: Tips, Tricks & How To

Jig Fishing for Bass: Tips, Tricks & How To

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Bass fishing is satisfying and fun, but if you use the right techniques, skills and equipment it can be successful as well. Jig fishing is ideal for catching a trophy bass. To make the most out of jig fishing for bass you have to know the best way to use the jigs and the most effective types for your situation.

Best Tip in Jig Fishing for Bass

The most important tip in jig fishing for bass is to always know what your jig is doing and how it is moving, whether it is at the bottom or swimming along the middle water column.  You also want to be aware of how your jig is moving along heavy cover, such as weeds.  The great thing about jigs is there are so many options that something is bound to work if you are patient, know the area you are fishing, and be willing to try different kinds.

Use of Colors When Jig Fishing for Bass

thkfish Fishing Lures Fishing Jigs Swim Jigs Fishing Jigs Bass Mix Color Metal Lead Fishing Jigs Kit
thkfish Fishing Jig

The use of colors is important when jig fishing for bass. A lot of anglers make the mistake of merely using the same colors every time they fish. The most commonly used colors are black and blue. These colors will work, but not all the time and not in all situations. Pay attention to the surroundings and the fish swimming around. Match up the colors with the colors you see in the water. Always watch how the colors of the fish that bass feed on change with weather and seasons and use the colors of the jigs accordingly. There is no exact science to this, but you will see the improvement when you work at matching the colors with the environment. It is also important to be ready to switch out different colors if what you are using is not working.

You will want to get into the habit of watching your line drop because there are many times you will not even feel a bass bite.  When the jig falls, watch it drop to the bottom.  A lot of times bass will bite the jig while it is falling and if you are not watching you could miss out!  Using a lighter jig means it will fall more slowly into the water.  This is best when the water is cold and bass are not moving as much.  Once the water warms up, a heavier jig that falls faster will work best.

Best Gear when Jig Fishing for Bass

Bass fishing gear rods reels jig tips tricks
Rods and Reels Jig Fishing

When jig fishing for bass, you will want the right gear. Fishing for big bass usually means fishing around heavy cover. To do this best, you will need a medium-heavy or heavy rod that is around 7’ to 7’5 in length

Best Reel

Another recommendation when jig fishing for bass is a baitcasting reel with a 7:1 gear ratio. A faster acting reel is good for picking up the line quicker when you get a bite in mid-drop. It will also allow you to flip the jig easier and faster in heavy weeds and structures. The

Recommended Fishing Line

Be prepared for the big bass with a heavy line, preferably a braided line. Fluorocarbon is an option but it could break easier than braided line and you will risk losing a good lure. A fifty pound braided line works great, but a sixty-five pound braided line works even better if you are fishing around heavy wooded areas and dense vegetation. Another benefit to a braided line is that it will not stretch. This braided line by KastKing is one of our favorites for bass jig fishing.

KastKing braided line bass jig fishing how to tips tricks
KastKing Braided Line For Bass Fishing

Types of Jigs for Bass Fishing

There are different types of jigs. You will want to become familiar with the different types of jigs so that you have a good idea of what to use in the situation and environment you are in. 

Standard Jig

The standard jig is great for bass fishing because it is so versatile and the most common bass lure used. The sizes that work best for almost all situations is the ⅜ oz to ½ oz. However, lighter jigs will work better in shallow waters and as mentioned above when you want the jig to fall at a slower pace. The heavier lures work best in deeper waters. The heavier lures will also fall at a faster pace. The Terminator Pro’s Jig works great.

Terminator Pro’s Jig for jig bass fishing

Football Head Jig

The football head jig has a head in the shape of a football, just as the name implies. This lure works best when you need to have contact with the bottom. Its unique head design makes it perfect for bottoms full of rocks, as they do not get as hung up as some other designs. The ½ oz football head jig will suffice in most situations. But again, the lighter the size, the slower it will fall. The heavier football head jig is ideal for heavy currents and deep waters. The best trailers for the football head jig are craws and creature baits that are full-sized. Use the Reaction Tackle Tungsten Football Jig for the big catch.

Reaction Tackle football jig for bass fishing tips and tricks
Football Jig For Bass Fishing

Swim Jig

The swim jig is different from other jigs in that it is not as ideal for the bottom as the other designs. The swim jig has a pointed head and can make its way through heavy vegetation and cover. This jig is best used in the middle of the water column especially in shallow waters of ten feet deep or less.

The swim jig for bass fishing also works great around wooden cover or vegetation. Sizes of swim jigs range from the popular 3/16 oz to ¼ oz. They are lighter than the other types of jigs because they are meant for shallow waters. The heaviest swim jigs are ⅜ oz. The bass will bite while the swim jig is moving so the hook does not need to be as heavy. A sharp and narrow hook will work great for swim jigs. Grubs are great trailers to use with swim baits as they provide a lot of plastic action. A highly rated excellent bass jig is the Advantage Bait Companies swim jig 3D realistic eyes jig head for bass, bluegill and more.

Advantage Bait Companies swim jig 3D realistic eyes jig head for bass, bluegill and more.
Red Eye Swim Jig For Bass Fishing

Grass Jig

One challenge in anglers is fishing in areas with heavy grass. Not to mention this is where bass love to hang out. But with the grass jig this becomes a non-issue. The cone-shaped head allows it to maneuver through the grass without getting caught or pulling grass along with it. The sizes for a grass jig range from ¼ oz to 1 ½ oz. This jig works best with a solid and heavy hook. The trailers should be compact and have little extra on them so as not to get caught on the grass. The Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Grass Jig Bait works well.

Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Grass Jig Bait
Grass Jig For Bass Fishing

The Best Trailers for Jig Fishing for Bass

Trailers added to your jig will affect the way it presents and can change the way it moves as well as it appears. There are different trailers that can match both the situation and the type of jig. The trailer of choice for most bass anglers is the soft plastic trailer. It can be used in most environments and situations and offers the biggest variety in terms of colors and styles. One important thing to remember when attaching the trailer is to ensure it is rigged straight on the hook so it appears natural while it moves. 

Creature Trailers

The creature baits are not exact replicas of anything in nature, however, these trailers move in such a way that attracts bass. While it works especially great with a swim jig, a creature trailer works well with all types of jigs. This is a great attraction for bigger bass. The Yamamoto 136-07-925 Cowboy Creature Bait is affordable and effective.

Yamamoto 136-07-925 Cowboy Creature Bait bass fishing with jigs
Creature Trailer Jig Fishing

Craw Trailers

Craw trailers mimic the look of a crawfish. They come in a wide array of colors and work well with most jigs. The craw trailer hops with little action across the bottom. There is also a variation of the craw trailer called the flapping craw. This trailer has wide flapping motions that catch the attention of bass. We like the RITE-HITE Crawdad Bass Flipping Jig Trailer by Ledgerock Lures, LLC..

RITE-HITE Crawdad Bass Flipping Jig Trailer by Ledgerock Lures, LLC..
Craw Trailer For Bass Fishing

Chunk Trailers

The chunk trailer also mimics the crawfish but without such a long body as the craw trailer. It helps in the slow fall of the jig. This trailer works best when using a standard jig

Yum Lures YCCK2157 Craw Chunk Fishing Bait, Virgo Blue, 2.75"
Yum Lures Chunk Fishing Trailer

Grub Trailers

Grub trailers resemble small fish and are great for all types of jigs. 

Strike King Rage Magnum Bug 4 1/2 Inch Soft Plastic Grub
Grub Trailer For Bass Fishing

Best Places for Jig Fishing for Bass

Wooded Areas

Bass jig fishing wooded areas freshwater tips
Jig Fishing Wooded Areas

One thing to remember when jig fishing for bass is that bass love heavy cover. It can be difficult to get in there without getting stuck or caught but using a jig will make it easier to get in and get out, hopefully with a bite! A good rule of thumb is to start at the outer branches and work your way to the center of the cover. That way you can get bites on the edge without disturbing the entire area. The best jig for this style of fishing will be the football head jig. As stated previously, the unique shape of this particular kind of jig helps prevent getting caught on weeds or twigs as easily as other jig types.

Heavy Vegetation

Jig Fishing heavy vegetation
Jig Fishing Heavy Vegetation

Another great location to jig fish for bass is in areas that have heavy grass. Bass love to hide out in heavy vegetation when searching for food. You will want to use a swim jig to work over the top of the grass. The higher in the water column you are fishing the lighter the swim jig you will want to use. 

Jig fishing for bass is popular among most successful bass anglers. It takes patience and a willingness to try different styles and colors. The more you know the better chance you have of using the correct jig for your situation and environment while bettering your chance of catching that trophy bass. 

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