Fishing Equipment Built for the Backcountry
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Fishing Equipment Built for the Backcountry

Equipment designed by and for backpackers, hikers and travelers. For those who love to be ready to fish anywhere anytime!

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Your purchase helps get more kids out fishing and out of trouble

Percentage of all proceeds donated to get more kids fishing.

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The Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Our Backcountry telescopic fishing rod and travel case designed to take fishing anywhere anytime at a moments notice.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod For

  • Backpacking & Camping Trips
  • Motorcycle Trips
  • Travel, fits easily under a car seat
  • and much more…


Not every kid gets the opportunity to have loving parents who take them into the outdoors.

We want to make sure every kid has the opportunity to go fishing.

Five percent of proceeds are donated in fishing equipment and guidance to get more kids fishing.

Play Video about Todd Talking About High Altitude Brands Rod and Mission

“High quality fishing equipment that makes your life easier and helps the next generation build the same great memories that you and I had growing up.” – Todd Welch, CEO & Fellow Angler

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